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Online Movie:
Come What May
Come What May
Students debate Roe v. Wade before panel of Judges.
“It’s FRESH, HONEST, and BEAUTIFUL. It’s a good movie!"
John Erickson author of ‘Hank The Cowdog’
Abraham Lincoln

"In regards to this great Book (the Bible)... it is the best gift God has given to man.
All the good the Saviour gave to the world was communicated through this Book. But for it we could not know right from wrong. All things most desirable for man's welfare, here and hereafter, are found portrayed in it."

George Washington

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible."



kentucky kentucky flag
Tulip Poplar
goldenrod Cardinal Eastern Gray Squirrel
Entered the Union: Jan. 29, 1861 (34) State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: Goldenrod
State Tree: Tulip Poplar
State Horse: Thoroughbred
State Animal: Gray Squirrel
Capital: Frankfort
State Nickname: Bluegrass State
State Song: "My Old Kentucky Home"
Origin of Name: From an Iroquoian word “Ken-tah-ten” meaning “land of tomorrow”
State Motto: United we stand, divided we fall
National Forests: 2 • State Forests: 5 • State Parks: 52
Famous For: Race Horse Farms, Kentucky Derby, Mammoth Caves
Famous Kentuckians: Abraham Lincoln (US President), Kit Carson (scout), George Clooney • Johnny Depp (actors), Jefferson Davis (President of Confederacy), Crystal Gayle (singer), Naomi & Wynonna Judd (singers), Loretta Lynn (singer), Diane Sawyer (broadcast journalist), Casey Jones (locomotive engineer), Phil Simms (NFL), Steven Curtis Chapman (CCM artist), Nathan Stubblefield (inventor of radio)
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State Fair: Louisville
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kentucky horse farm in fall
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Kentucky was the first region west of the Allegheny Mountains to be settled by American pioneers. James Harrod established the first permanent settlement at Harrodsburg in 1774. The following year Daniel Boone, who had explored the area in 1767, blazed the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap and founded Boonesboro.
Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, the key Civil War political figures of the Union and the Confederacy, were both born in Kentucky within nine months of each other.
Cumberland Falls is known as the "Niagara of the South"
The Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held horse race in the country. It is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville.
The great Man o' War won all of his races except one, which he lost to a horse named Upset.
More than $6 billion worth of gold is held in the underground vaults of Fort Knox – the largest amount of gold stored anywhere in the world.
Mammoth Cave is the world's longest cave and was first promoted in 1816, making it the second oldest tourist attraction in the United States.
In the spring, bluegrass produces bluish-purple buds that when seen in large fields give a rich blue cast to the grass. Early traders began asking for the seed of the "blue grass from Kentucky." The name stuck and today Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State”.
More than $6 billion worth of gold is held in the underground vaults of Fort Knox. This is the largest amount of gold stored anywhere in the world.
All Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured in Bowling Green.
Fleming County is the Covered Bridge Capital of Kentucky.
The public saw an electric light for the first time in Louisville. Thomas Edison introduced his incandescent light bulb to crowds at the Southern Exposition in 1883.
Kentucky's Ethnic Roots: American 20.9%, German 12.7%, Irish 10.5%, English 9.7%, African 7.3%. "American" ancestry are of British or Scotch-Irish descent.
Religion in Kentucky: 82.9% Christian (68.9% Protestant, 14% Catholic), 15.7% No Religion, 1% Other Religions, 0.4% LDS
Middlesboro, Kentucky is the only city in the U.S. built within a meteor crater.
Prototypes of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge can be found in Northern Kentucky. The Robeling Suspension Bridge in Covington is the scale model of the Brooklyn Bridge; while in nearby Maysville, the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge, the model of the Golden Gate Bridge, was built across the Ohio River.
The first observance of Mother's Day was in Henderson by teacher Mary S. Wilson in 1887. It was made a national holiday in 1916.


National Anthem Day
National Anthem Day
March 3
National Anthem Day

celebrates the writing and history behind "The Star-Spangled Banner," which officially became the national anthem of the United States of America on March 3, 1931.
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Daylight Savings
Daylight Savings Time
March 8
Daylight Savings
Set your clock forward one hour.
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day
March 17
St. Patrick's Day
is celebrated internationally in honor of Saint Patrick of Ireland. Patrick used the shamrock, a 3-leaf plant, to explain the Holy Trinity. The wearing of green and shamrock decor is widely used in celebration of this holiday.
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Agriculture Day
AG Day
March 19, 2013
National AG Day
celebrates the abundance and contributions provided by agriculture.
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Spring Equinox
Spring Equinox
March 20
Spring Equinox

At the start of spring, the spring equinox, day and night are 12 hours long and the Sun is at the midpoint of the sky. Our north pole tilts towards the Sun.
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The Cheese Pirates
The Cheese Pirates by Christina Lewis
The Cheese Pirates
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One Street Over
Michael Lewis Video: Sky Blue
"Sky Blue" (Wyoming Winds) byOne Street Over
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Horse Portraits
Horse Portraits by Bridgette Lewis
Custom horse, dog, and people portraits
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Mercy Corps International
Worldwide Relief and Development



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