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Gerald Ford
"The Constitution is the bedrock of all our freedoms; guard and cherish it; keep honor and order in your own house; and the republic will endure."
James Madison
"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."
Noah Webster
“All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”


Entered the Union: March 1, 1867 (37) Capital: Lincoln
Origin of Name: From an Oto Indian word meaning “flat water”
State Nickname: Cornhusker State • Beef State
State Bird: Western Meadowlark State Tree: Cottonwood
State Mammal: White-tailed Deer State Flower: Goldenrod
State Song:“Beautiful Nebraska" State Parks: 87
State Motto: Equality before the law
Famous For: Chimney Rock • Agate Fossil Beds
Famous Nebraskans: Fred Astaire (dancer, actor), Marlon Brando • Henry Fonda (actors), Warren Buffett (investor), Johnny Carson (TV host), Richard Cheney (Vice President), William "Buffalo Bill" Cody (showman), Fr. Edward Flanagan (founder of Boys Town), Gerald Ford (President), Bib Gibson (baseball), Frank Leahy (football coach)
Native Animals and Birds: Click on photos of the animals and birds on this page to find out more about them and to hear the sounds they make.
State Fair: Lincoln
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French fur traders first visited Nebraska in the late 1600s. Eastern Nebraska was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The first permanent white settlement was established at Bellevue in 1823.
Western Nebraska was acquired by treaty following the Mexican War in 1848. The Union Pacific began its transcontinental railroad at Omaha in 1865.
In 1937, Nebraska became the only state in the Union to have a unicameral (one-house) legislature. Members are elected to it without party designation.
The 911 system of emergency communications, now used nationwide, was developed and first used in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Chimney rock was the most often mentioned landmark in journal entries by travelers on the Oregon Trail.
Four historical trails crossed Nebraska including the Oregon, Lewis and Clark, Mormon, and Pony Express.
Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.
The Lied Jungle located in Omaha is the world's largest indoor rain forest.
In 1927, Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings invented the powdered soft drink Kool-Aid.
The Ogalala aquifer is the U.S.'s largest aquifer (underground lake/water supply).
Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental U.S.
Kearney, Nebraska is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco.
Nebraska, mistakenly called the "Great American Desert" by European Explorers, is one of the top farming areas in the world.
Arbor Day was started in Nebraska City in 1872 by Sterling Morton to encourage tree planting.
The biggest mammoth fossils ever discovered were found in Lincoln County.
The Niobrara is one of the top canoeing rivers in the country. It has more than 90 waterfalls.
Twice-yearly migrations of millions of cranes, ducks and geese turn the Platte River area into an amazing sight.
Between Northport and Ogallala on Highway 26 there is a shoe fence. The fence line, which runs for miles and miles, is adorned with mounted upside down boots and shoes.
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln weight room is the largest in the country. It covers three-fourths of an acre

Just north of Alliance, Nebraska there is a place called Carhenge that replicates the historic English Stonehenge with 38 old automobiles placed to assume the same proportions.

Nebraska's Ethnic Roots: German 38.6%, Irish 12.4%, English 9.6%, Swedish 4.9%, Czech 4.9%.
Religion in Nebraska: 90% Christian (61% Protestant, 28% Catholic, 1% Other), 9% No Religion, 1% Other Religions
Borsheims in Omaha has the largest jewelry store in the nation.
Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska in 1917.
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving - Thanking God for His blessings
Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2024
In 1621, 52 Pilgrims and approx. 50 Native Americans celebrated a 3-day feast thanking God for His blessings enabling their survival in the New World. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.
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Bill of Rights Day

Bill of Rights Day

December 15, 1791
Bill of Rights Day

Celebrating the 10 amendments to the Constitution which protect individual rights by placing specific limits on government power. These freedoms do not exist in many countries of the world.
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Christmas Day
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