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"Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged."
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"It is a grand mistake to think of being great without goodness and I pronounce it as certain that there was never a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous."
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"The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living, and the get rich quick theory of life."
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“It is truly surprising that the state must assign a greater value to a mother's decision to cut off a potential human life by abortion than to a father's decision to let it mature into a live child.”
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Entered the Union: July 10, 1890 (44) Capital: Cheyenne
Origin of Name: A contraction of the Native American word "mecheweamiing" meaning "at the big plains."
State Nicknames: The Equality State • The Cowboy State • Big Wyoming
State Flower: Indian Paintbrush State Tree: Plains Cottonwood
State Bird: Western Meadowlark State Mammal: Bison
State Fish: The Cutthroat Trout State Gem: Jade
State Reptile: The Horned Toad State Song : “Wyoming"
State Motto: Equal rights  
National Forests: 5 • National Parks: 2 • State Parks: 16
Famous For: Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, Old Faithful Geyser, Jackson Hole, Flaming Gorge, Frontier Days Celebration
Famous Wyomingites: James Bridger (trapper, guide), Dick Cheney (Vice President), Buffalo Bill Cody (scout), Curt Gowdy (sportscaster), Washakie (Shoshone Chief), James G. Watt (secretary of the Interior), Nellie Tayloe Ross (first woman elected governor)
Animals and Birds: Click on photos of the animals and birds on this page to find out more about them and to hear the sounds they make.
State Fair: Douglas
Pronghorn Antelope
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Cheyenne, Crow, Shoshone, Sioux, and Ute Native American tribes lived in the Wyoming region.
The U.S. acquired the land comprising Wyoming from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. John Colter, a fur-trapper, is the first white man known to have entered the region. In 1807 he explored the Yellowstone area and brought back news of its geysers and hot springs.
Robert Stuart pioneered the Oregon Trail across Wyoming in 1812–1813 and, in 1834, Fort Laramie, the first permanent trading post in Wyoming, was built. Western Wyoming was obtained by the U.S. in the 1846 Oregon Treaty with Great Britain and as a result of the treaty ending the Mexican War in 1848.
In 1872, Yellowstone was designated as the first National Park in the nation. The majority of Yellowstone National Park lies within the boundaries of Wyoming , with smaller portions in Idaho and Montana.
Yellowstone National Park has more geysers than any other geyser field in the world.
Devils Tower was designated as the first National Monument in 1906.
Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote.
In 1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected governor of Wyoming, becoming the nation's first woman governor.
Wyoming's license plates feature a man on a bucking bronco. The horse has a name -- "Old Steamboat" -- after a bronc that could not be ridden.
The largest coal mine in the USA is Black Thunder located near Wright. Wyoming leads the country in coal production in 1994 with 3 million tons per week.
The JCPenney stores were started in Kemmerer.
The first Dude Ranch in Wyoming was the Eaton Ranch, near Wolf. The Eaton's came up with the term "dude"
Wyoming is the 9th largest state, but has the fewest people (475,000).
Any person who fails to close a fence in Wyoming is subject to a fine of up to seven hundred and fifty dollars.
The first business west of the Missouri River was a trading post established at the confluence of the Laramie and North Platte Rivers by fur traders William Sublette and Robert Campbell.
Harry Longabaugh became known as “the Sundance Kid” because he served a jail term for horse stealing in Sundance, Wyoming.
The town of Kemmerer is known as the Fossil Fish Capital of the World -- it has over 100,000 fish fossils.
The pronghorn is the second fastest land animal in the world, almost as fast as the cheetah. It is the fastest in the Western Hemisphere. In 1915, after the American pronghorn was almost hunted to extinction. Today there are approximately 700,000 pronghorns.
Wyoming ranks second in wool production, and has over 810,000 sheep.
Flaming Gorge has become nationally known as the "fishing hot spot" of America. The reservoir offers quality trout fishing year-round.
Wyoming's highest point is Gannett Peak - 13,804 feet (4,207 m). The lowest point is the Belle Fourche River - 3,099 feet (944 m).
Wyoming has over 2000 miles of groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails.
The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is home for more than 200 free roaming wild horses.
More than 600 species of wildlife inhabit Wyoming.
The largest ethnic groups in Wyoming are: German 25.9%, English 15.9%, Irish 13.3%, Norwegian 4.3%, Swedish 3.5%
Religion in Wyoming: Christian 69% (Protestant – 53%, Catholic 16%) LDS 11%, No Religion 21%
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving - Thanking God for His blessings
Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2024
In 1621, 52 Pilgrims and approx. 50 Native Americans celebrated a 3-day feast thanking God for His blessings enabling their survival in the New World. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.
December 1, 2024
Advent begins 4 weeks before Christmas and remembers the longing and waiting of God's people for the coming of the Messiah.
Bill of Rights Day

Bill of Rights Day

December 15, 1791
Bill of Rights Day

Celebrating the 10 amendments to the Constitution which protect individual rights by placing specific limits on government power. These freedoms do not exist in many countries of the world.
Christmas Day
Christmas Day
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